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Please share some information with us and we will get back to you with information about our patterns.

We will need at least a mailing address, an email address or a phone number. There is also room for notes or comments.

Thank you for your interest.

The Fine Print

A little bit of an explanation of why we handle information requests this way.
If we put an email address or phone number on this page, they would soon be inundated
with spam email and junk phone calls to the point that we would probably miss valid requests for information.

This way we can get your information and contact you.

Due to some automated programs used by certain spammers and people involved in fraudulent schemes,
please put in some comment that will indicate that this is a real request for information about our sewing patterns.

One word on Spam Filters. If you do have a spam filter on your email account, and it does not allow our return email,
Then we will have to use regular mail, which will delay our response. Please make sure you allow emails from our domain.

Please rest assured that privacy is very important to us and that your information will never be shared with anyone outside of our company.

Thank you and we hope you understand our position.

Walker's Western Wear of Arizona

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